part 2 of 2

Apologies for the second half coming so late! I’ve been slacking a bit too much on the blog, I am sorry! So where was I? After our very long and strange bus ride home we had eventually made it back to the homestead where we unpacked our newly bought things, jumped into our comfy clothes and cracked open the wine for a long night of card games, drunk giggles and sherlock holmes. For the first time probably ever too, I didn’t take any photo’s whilst drinking, which I’m actually glad of now!

The next day we were blessed with glorious sunshine and decided to take a stroll down to the village with the littlest brother in tow. I bought him ice-cream because he said it was hot enough for one, and we strolled back up home. I wore my new h&m dress that day too and felt very girly-goth. Do you ever find items that look like they were placed somewhere for a purpose? The dress I bought was ‘hidden’ behind a bunch of ugly shirts and if it wasn’t for Shane standing where he stood, I wouldn’t have seen it poking its pretty little self out. There were no other dresses like it, it was in my size and it was on sale, which makes it even better. Yay!

After a while we went for an evening stroll but this time only myself, katie and the kiddie-winks. (too much daylight for xbox boy.) We went down the neighbours farm and showed Ellie some small bird tracks, how to make big splashes in the slowly drying up pond and Tiggy larked about on the big fallen boulder rocks whilst I collected pretty rocks to display on my roof. I also took advantage of the beautiful golden glow the setting sun had given everything and snapped a few pictures on my phone.

Ellie was smitten with Katie too, she wouldn’t walk with any of us except Katie, even giving me a scowl when I wanted to take a picture of her on her own! I sneakily snapped this one below! It was so lovely to spend quality time with Katie again, it really is true that the only way to truly appreciate someone is to spend time away from them, which is something we can’t help as for most of the year she lives in Budapest! We’re already counting down the weeks till she’s back after her exams and we’ve even planned a little holiday away :)xo


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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