So last Friday I turned the big dreaded 23! It actually doesn’t bother me as much as turning older used too, except for the moments when my boyfriend goes ‘ahh your 23 you’re SO OLD!” other than that it doesn’t feel any different really. The only big difference I have felt so far this week was that I didn’t pack a pair of shorts to bring to Shanes, which is weird as the past few years I seem to have lived in denim cut offs. So spending an entire week in skinny jeans and no other option makes me feel more adult-like. Sad I know.

Because (and I know you should never start a sentence with because but..) I live far away from my boyfriend I couldn’t spend my birthday with both my parents and my boyfriend, so we had a ‘fake’ birthday at home on Thursday and then I left for Cobh on the Friday morning, it worked out a treat because I was allowed to open my birthday presents early! Mama spoiled me with some awesome dvds which have been on my list for god knows how long, including Ryan Gossling’s Drive and 1970’s zombie classic, The Omega Man! We actually watched the latter a few days before my birthday together and it was so awesome. Also, mama gifted me the largest lump of Rose Quartz ever, it’s literally the size of my head and weighs a ton! I’m so thrilled to have it, hopefully it will live up to it’s healing properties and bring a stress-free zone to my bedroom.

Friday morning was an early morning start with lots of public transport. I think I got my weeks worth of exercise in that one day hoho. I made my way down to Cobh on an extremely over crowded train full of tourists blabbing on about the Titanic (Cobh being it’s last port of call) and eventually managed to squeeze my way off the train when we arrived to meet a lovely face I hadn’t seen in two whole weeks :) 

Can we just talk about my birthday card for a sec? I can’t stress how much I love it, it’s just perfect! (If you have’t seen the film, The Number 23 I highly recommend it!) So me turning 23 being the doomed number, the blood and all it’s freakishness because it was Friday 13th and inside looks so psychotic I don’t think my description will do it justice but I’ll try, it has the numbers 23 scrawled absolutely everywhere in different pen colours ranging from neat to messy to the point of not being able to make it out! I’d say Shane was going a bit la la writing out all the numbers out in red but it really adds to the horror of it all, with a sentence written in bold black that says ”i love you like CRAZY” really finishing off the card. He’s probably going to hate me for describing all that, but I really loved it!

After I opened my pressies from Shane we had to get dressed up and rush out again to go out to the city, Shane took me out for dinner in the coziest restaurant, Scoozi’s! We went there before for our second anniversary and it was so good so I was looking forward to chowing down on some serious yummy food, not to mention their deserts! OH MY they were amazing. After dinner we went to the cinema to see ‘The Cabin in The Woods’, expecting a good slasher horror we were wildly surprised to find that it was all kinds of awesome and so so funny. Go see it! We finished our night in the city by running through it to catch the last train and witnessing a man face plant into a light post with such a force he could have easily broken his nose. I don’t know how he didn’t see it, we couldn’t contain ourselves with the height of laughter! After we made the train and got back to Shane’s I was surprised with a beautiful birthday cake! Which even had my name written in fudge, yummm :) It was such a lovely two days, and has continued to be full of loveliness which I am so thankful for. Friday 13th birthdays have a habit for me to always turn out great, even if I spent a considerable amount of time the night before worrying something will go wrong! Friday 13ths are definitely in my favour though with my experience! XO


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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