DIY Faux Leather Bow Clutch

I’ve been wanting my own faux leather bow clutch bag for a while now and finally decided to bite the bullet and give it a go. You can use what ever fabric you prefer, faux leather was a lot tougher to sew than regular light weight fabric so it’s all down to your own preference. It’s a bit of a photo-splurge also, but I wanted to show how easy it really is! Don’t be put off by this project, if you can sew a straight stitch by hand/on your machine you can make this bag!

Okay, first of all you need your chosen fabric, cut carefully into the requirement measurements below. Add some scissors, dress maker pins and a sewing machine if your using one if not just a needle will do and give yourself a good hour to take the time to make this. It’s easy but that doesn’t mean you can whip it up fast, take your time! One thing I’ve been making myself learn recently is the art of patience.

Okay let’s start!

You’ll also need an inner lining of lighter fabric and some padding. Mine was taken from an old baby blanket mum let me tear up.

Step One: Strap piece. You should use an Iron to flatten your fabric when needed. I use my GHD’s because I’m lazy.

Step two:  Bow knot.

Step two (ii): Bow piece.

tep three: Padding, outer fabric and bow attachment.

Step four:
Interior fabric and installing your zip.

Step five: adding the outer fabric to your zip.

Step six: Halfway point! Time to add your strap you set aside and get it finished! *remember to have your zip pulled halfway down for every step after this until you’re finished!*

Step seven: Now to finish off your interior fabric, very important to remember to leave the stitches open on one side or you won’t be able to turn it all right-side-out at the end!

Finished! Wasn’t that easy? It took me some time and I even needed a needle change. Faux leather is difficult to sew, especially with extra lining and padding to push through! The best part about this clutch is that you can slip your hand through the back of the bow to hold your bag in a cutesy-kind-of-way, hoho. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial :) xo


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