Early bird train journeys

Since I started my 365 project at the beginning of the year I’ve been going through my pile of ‘ruined’ photographs which was getting smaller and smaller each day. Last Thursday I used my final photograph from my collection of scratched, over exposed, blurred or collected photo’s from the college dark room! Now I’m stuck with  having to make do with old postcards, envelopes or anything I can jot my 365 down on each day until I send away some rolls of film that will hopefully come back with a few unusuable photos.

I’ve found myself taking rubbish or abstract photo’s with the sole purpose of using them for my 365. It seems wasteful of both my money and ink/photo paper but in a way i’m creating something good from it which I will hopefully want to keep by the end of the year! Getting around to the point, I’ve got a habit of taking quick-don’t-think-just-shoot pictures whilst i’m going home from spending my time in Cobh.  I like documenting my journeys home and I love love love train rides, I always find myself taking these sort of pictures when I’m on one with nice scenery to stare out at.

I think I will print some of these as my 365 is kind of screaming for new pictures! Also, I’ve bought a couple new rolls of film to shoot some more from my Olympia :) I’m hoping to re-visit the woods again with it, as I’ve always found some lovely treasures there whether it’s deer antlers or spotty toads all are worth a picture or two! Let’s hope for dry weather :]


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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