On the hillside

It seems the rain doesn’t want to stop this week. Living up on a mountain makes this bleak crappy weather ten times worse for us, its like gail force winds and monsoon season all in one big hit. It doesn’t bother me too much although a bit of sunshine or at least some dry days would be lovely, i’m getting sick of my morning running being ruined by wet weather! Other than that I’ve been tucked up inside watching some all time favourite feel-good films and battling various piles of things waiting for me to finish them. Today’s being my alteration pile and my floral fabric pile. Combine the two and I’m ended up with some pretty results!

Oh and I’ve also become a real fan of iced coffee since I’ve been back home, seemingly so has my so-very-almost 2 year old sister. Yesterday she sneaked my glass and took a big slurp but not before stealing a couple of ice cubes too! Sneaky little miss. It’s her 2nd birthday tomorrow actually, we were hoping for a cute little party this Sunday for her but this weather doesn’t seem to want to give in. Still,  the pressies have been wrapped and I have about a zillion cupcakes to make! But for now, I’m going to continue slowly ticking off my lists, watching Weeds and drinking lovely big mugs of vanilla tea. The perfect kind of indoorsy day! XO


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