DIY Botanical Calender

I know it may seem a little out of the ordinary to make a calender a quarter way so far into the year but i’m never one to be on time for things like this. I think the last time I even owned a calender was 2009 and even then I only had it for the pictures. I saw this little project in one of my recent borrows from the library and thought why not, it’s cute and involves the girly craft of flower pressing. AWE! Also, today being the first of a new month is an excellent excuse!

This diy involves taking a gap of about 4-5 days, unless you want to press your flowers beforehand like I didn’t. So either way, gather up about 12 different flowers, petals, leaves, or plant life that you want for your calender and press them in between books or a telephone book for around the 5 day mark, longer if you like. The book said to go with seasonal flowers and leaves to work with each month but I chose to go with whatever I found pretty. As you can see, I found way over 12 and it was hard to choose what to use!

Once they’re all pretty and squashed your ready to begin making your calender!

What you will need:

12x tracing paper or tissue paper
scissors, black pen and a hole puncher
12 pressed flowers or plant life
thread to tie it together
Oil pastels, crayons or colouring pencils. Whichever you prefer to work with.

I started using oil pastels but found it to look childish so I switched to colouring pencils. Not having the greatest of patience my first flower for April looks like my 2year old sister drew it but i’m sure you’ll have better patience to do it, should you want to make one. Make print rubbings of 12 of your chosen flowers for each month. I also put little underlined dashes underneath the dates of birthdays and special dates to remind myself of them. Being optimistic I also added a January 2013 :)

Once you’re done with your print rubbings return to your starting month and hang it up to admire! Me being the worst for organising things before I leave for Shane’s means that I had to ask my dad to take these pictures for me and email them, apologies for the poor lighting but you get the idea :) xo


One thought on “DIY Botanical Calender

  1. João H Duarte says:

    I’ll say this, I’m not the kind of guy who would be able to make a botanical calendar but i’m still amazed at how much work gets into it and i can definitly appreciate it’s beauty :)

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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