Hello May! (April recap)

April is over and now we say Hello to the month of May. April kinda flew a bit for me, there was one day where I realised that it was half way through the month and still felt like the first week! April was was a month filled with good days and bad days, wonderful friends, birthdays, late nights and super early morning starts, exercise and crafting days whilst the rain poured and poured. Although looking back on the month it feels like I didn’t do much all month.. Oh dear! On with the recap!

Things I’ve Accomplished since April 1st:

  • I’ve been reading more and finished another book, The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath (wonderfully written!) and added another book to my collection thanks to Shane, for any crafty lovers out there ‘Queen of Crafts’ by Jazz Domino Holly is such a great book!
  • I’ve recently rediscovered my love for scrap-booking and have been gradually filling up pages of sketchbooks
  • Last month was more outdoorsy than most, I pushed myself to exercise thoroughly every morning with fitness walking and thanks to a recent purchase of new running trainers I have begun running again. I even climbed a mountain last month but I’ll get back to that day at another time.
  • More movie nights in with mama! Some great films being The Omega Man, Drive, Mermaids, Into the Wild and Apocolypto. SEE THESE FILMS!
  • I’ve gained some more followers to my little blog (hello lovelies!) and thanks to worpress’s new stats I can see where in the world you are coming from. I seem to have a lot of European, American and Australian visitors which is awesome. Thank you!
  • I grew a pair of balls and finally took the leap into realising one of my biggest dreams was totally reachable, all thanks to the support of my family I can now look forward to the future. (more on this later too!)

Things I’ve Started:

  • Using some of my collection of floral fabric, I have two new dress patterns cut and pinned awaiting to meet my sewing machine.
  • I’ve made sure to always have a pile of projects on the go that I can slowly tip away at with no rush to finish whenever I feel like. Some being recovering my old laptop case and revamping some cute clothes.
  • I finally fixed my old iPod. I know this wasn’t on my resolutions but it has been bugging me since last October (when it broke) that I hadn’t had it fixed since. Although I have an iPhone I prefer running with my iPod as I can’t bear the thought of breaking another iPhone screen!
  • I’ve been looking into finding a car for myself. I still haven’t booked any driving lessons but this is next on the cards.
  • I also want to look into college courses and the possible purchase of a new camera.

Things I Haven’t Started but Should because They Aren’t That Difficult:

  • Still haven’t been to the doctor or dentist. Well technically I went to the doctor but I couldn’t get an appointment but ended up going anyway with a friend. I will be making more of an effort to do this as I have to get some jabs and vaccinations in the coming months.
  • I had plans to travel back to England last month, a week after my birthday but due to unforeseable problems, bad timing and being unorganised I ended up having to cancel my flight. Sucks but I learnt an important lesson, always organise prior to making big plans!
  • Didn’t do much gardening last month but I improved my intake of vegetables,vitamins and pulses. I even gave Pistachios a try, and they aren’t half bad!
  • Still no picture an hour blog post. Will I ever remember to capture my days hourly?

So really, I didn’t get up too a lot resolutions wise. It was really busy in terms of birthdays, I turned 23 and my little sister turned 2 as well as some other friends and family members celebrating there’s too. My biggest achievement last month has definitely trounced everything else as well as making me the happiest I’ve been in a long time, but I’m waiting to reveal all my plans in a separate blog post of its own. It’s so exciting! How was April for you? XO

(you can see my other monthly recaps, January, February and March and my resolutions here!)


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