So around the end of last month when we had a short spell of beautiful sunshine and I was feeling a bit like a superhero I decided to finally climb to the top of the mountain that begins just behind our house. Before I start let me just explain, I live on a mountain as it is and it seems we are surrounded by them up here too, in a valley sort of thing if you will. The mountain isn’t too daunting, just by looking at it you would think it’s not very tough to climb at all as it appears to gently slope to the top. We’ve lived up here for the last three years or so, I see it every day (perfect view from our bathroom window) and any day it has been glorious weather I always end up imagining being at the top and looking down on our house. Sick of these thoughts I decided to actually get out there and climb the bastard!

I initially asked the brother if he would like to join me, as I know he too stares at it and wants to defeat it but he was more interested in his xbox (no surprise there) and the youngest brother being a tad too young and scared of everything wasn’t an option. So I trekked it alone, much to my boyfriends disapproval. (I also didn’t tell him I did it until after I came back!) Armed with a camera, sketchbook, apple and water I headed off into the sunset Bear Grylls style. I’m just kidding I think it was like just passed noon or something!

I had to walk through endless fields of sheep and slurry before I met the slope of the mountain, not really sure which way I wanted to go up I just went with my instincts and finally found a suitable route and carried on up, taking pictures as I reached new places and heights.

After a few tumbles, scrapes and steep climbs holding on to nothing but the reeds in the earth I finally got to the top! It was so windy I could barely hear anything but I could see so much up there. Our house was a tiny white blip amongst a mass of green fields, furry trees and windy old roads. I even saw the beautiful Inchigeelagh lakes in all their glory. I climbed to the top fairly fast, looking down on my climb I could see just how steep and difficult it would be to climb down the way I came.. So I decided to venture across the mountain and see what was up there. Lots of flat boggy lands and rusted fences with the occasional random tractor in the middle of it all! The pictures I’ve used for this post are all mostly taken from the top but looking at them you wouldn’t think I was on top of a mountain.. It’s all so flat up there!

I was hoping to somehow see Gougane Barra lake on the other side but lo and behold I was met with more mountains! For some reason I always assumed Gougane was directly behind our mountain, living so close to it anyway. Another adventure for another day! I took so many photo’s and seriously failed at taking self conquering shots on top, but my battery was dying (as well as my phone!) so I had to take what I could. It was such a good day, I got lost along the way and ended up creasing myself a few times running on the rocks or dodging bristles. Ah well, it’s all part of the trip! Four hours later I made my way down to lower flat ground and even hugged a tree at my achievement. Too long I have gazed up at that mountain with desire to conquer it and now I finally have. It felt great to do it and boy did my legs get a good workout! XO

(I do have more photo’s from this little adventure but I’l save them for another blog post!)

2 thoughts on “Climbing

  1. Sabrina says:

    Looks really amazing :)
    Done a cliff walk in Howth during my stay in March – dunno how long it took me to walk round the island, but I was on my own more than half the way with nobody passing me – and my mum wasn’t that fond of this either, so like your boyfriend :D But sometimes one needs to do such things alone cause then one can appreciate the beauty even more in my eyes ♥

    • Sylviee says:

      Thanks! Wow that sounds massive! I’ve never been to Howth, heard it’s lovely though! Yeah it’s not meant to be too safe to do things like that alone lol..oh well! :) Exactly I agree, i found I enjoyed my own company a lot more because I wasn’t worried about anyone else, i didn’t have anyone to look out for or anything like that. I loved doing it and I will definitely be doing things like that alone more often! I’ll just do it secretly so I don’t worry anyone haha! xo

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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