My week in pictures #19

Left this a little late for posting as I had a short break away from my laptop, but i’m back and have a lot to blog about! Let’s start with a few (million!) pictures from last week.

Started last weekend with a painting job for my friends little girls bedroom, painting disney princess’s on her walls. // We also marked our names on the stairs of friends new house, don’t worry they now have it carpeted! //Catching up on my 365 project. That bundle you see is a photo for everyday of the year with a thought etched into it. RUNNING OUT OF PHOTOS TO RUIN! //pretty peak glimpses of what Summer will be like at 8pm from Shane’s bedroom window. // One of the last shots of my ombré hair, post hair dye. // Using a relatively new home hair dye kit. (the advert is total balls, the foam is horrid and smells like fermented beer and it does not encase your hair in a poof of white foam like it shows in the ads) It does however give enough dye in one box to dye mid length hair and my crappy extensions, happy! // Procrastination at it’s highest, making to-do lists of things I am perfectly capable of doing now but insist on leaving it till tomorrow. // Mama at her beloved pink laptop, just after I fraped her facebook account for the hundreth time. heehee. // New darker hair colour. Posey posey.

Things I didn’t photograph, enjoying a sneaky coffee Tuesday morning whilst anxiously waiting for the bank to open, Tuesday was a very exciting day in terms of future plans. Saying goodbye to a lot of money but excited all the same. Mango smoothies at the station waiting for my train to arrive. New and awesome films to add to my favourites list. Completing co-op Portal 2 with Shane. Making really yummy vegetable soup for Lunch, nibbling on delicious coffee cake, stealing yet another tshirt from Shane’s wardrobe, having an extra day to stay at Shane’s, coming home to a rake load of mail and packages, Ellie taking off and hiding her bedtime onesy two minutes after I zipped her into them and then refused to tell me where she hid them. All in all it was a good week, flew way too quickly but that can’t be helped! XO


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