Cheap and cheerful

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Always one for a bargain you’d rarely find me in the likes of big brand stores unless there’s a big end of season sale on or I’m spending gift vouchers/money (the brother gave me money for a gorgeous pair or River Island high-tops last month!) Usually I prefer to rummage charity shops in search of previously loved rare treasures or hunt out garments I can alter into something better but no matter what, however much I try to avoid it I always end up in Primark (better known as Penneys here in Ireland) for the essentials; tights, undies, funky jewellery, plain tee’s or some classic skinny jeans. They’re prices can go both ways, like usual I hunt out for the cheapest, often scorning the price of a dress at a ridiculous €17 when I know I could easily find one cheaper/make one.. I know what you’re thinking, penneys being cheap enough as it is-clearly making me sound like a  right tight arse! but there’s no denying it really, being a girl I seem to be cursed with the occasional urge to splurge but lately I’ve been scrimping my pennies for better (future) things!

The only problem that comes with wearing things from Primark is absolutely everybody will be wearing it, which is also not always a bad thing. Last Saturday I walked past a girl who was wearing a cream silk button up shirt with the peter pan collar in a totally different way to how I would ever wear it, she didn’t seem the type to wear cutesy clothes but the way she styled it totally suited her because she was (and I hate to say it for fear of sounding like a pretentious twat) owning it. Having said that she seemed the type to deck you one if you looked twice so obviously it was a case of saw her,noted outfit and kept walking making the effort to not look again was in order!

I popped into Penneys  before going home to waste some time and have a rummage in  hopes for anything nice, I literally only had abouts a tenner on me so I was on a price limit (as I should always be when i’m in there!) so I had to be ruthless with anything I found. After umming and arring over some bright skinny jeans I decided to ditch them as it being so close to Summer (wishful thinking) and go for the new airy fairy tops they now have. Always hopeful of actually pulling off colours I ended up going for the darkest in the bunch and putting the rest back. Initially I thought the top said ‘dream on neon’ (i hate the new neon trend!) but it actually says dream of neon. Oh well. It’s trusty black, light to wear and I’m growing to like having the arms cut off tops so it’s a keeper!

I stumbled across a rail of mixed patterns which ALWAYS catches my attention and found this cute little Summer dress. Apart from the fact that I now hate red (boyfriends dislikes are rubbing off on me) this dress caught my eye, with it’s cute pattern and dainty daisy print. It was when I tried it on that I realised the strap was broken (which also explained it’s price drop from €7 to €3- wahey!) which I knew could be easily fixed so I just had to have it, with the price being cheap as chips and not to mention it’s softness and great fit, it’s a steal! I can’t wait for Summer weather to be able to wear it without tights or a cardi (wishful thinking again!) Also couldn’t resist getting these cute and cheeky undies, the silky feel is a big winner :)

What made my little trip even better was that I managed to get all the above (as well as a cute sunflower top for my mum) for all under 15 beans!:] Something else I saw there was they are now selling Bio Oil for half the price of most pharmacies.. I’m always tempted to try this out, does anyone know if it actually does any good for fading already old scars? And they have new semi permanent funky hair dyes for any adventurous souls out there.. If I didn’t already settle on going back to dark brown I would definitely have been tempted! xo


5 thoughts on “Cheap and cheerful

  1. Louise (@Lollylu95) says:

    I also saw the hair dye but soon realised they didnt sell the lightener to go with it that someone with dark hair like me would need!:( Still though, can’t beat Penneys for some things…love the summer dress you got! :) xo

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