DIY Galaxy Print Tee

I’m going to share with you one of my most FAVOURITE  fashion diy’s of this year, Galaxy printing!  The above is what you will need for this very simple, fun and quick DIY. Make sure to do it in either a well ventilated room or better yet, outside where the fumes from the bleach aren’t going to suffocate you! You’ll be watering the bleach down anyway so it won’t be too fumey.

What you need:

  • Your chosen tshirt. (black works best but i only had blue!)
  • Basic bleach.
  • A thin paint brush
  • Water spritzer, filled with three parts water.
  • Plastic bag for covering the floor and the inside of your shirt.
*optional* a hair dryer to speed up the bleach process.

Step one: Make sure to cover the inside of your shirt with plastic so the bleach doesn’t run through and ruin the back. Any dark top can be used, remember- bleach on black makes dark to light red, bleach on blue makes dark to light pink and eventual yellow in both cases depending on the strength of your bleach.

Step two: Fill your spritzer bottle a quarter way with bleach and give it a shake. Lightly spray a few times on to your shirt to cover the area you want your galaxy to appear. Don’t go too crazy, just cover enough lightly. If you have one, use your hair dryer to speed up the bleach process and see your pattern appear quicker.

Step Three: Next grab your shirt from the centre and with your fingers make a twisted vortex kind of shape. Again, grab your spritzer bottle and spray a couple of times over the twisted vortex just made, you can go a bit crazy here as long as you keep the shape made, the twists will create the galaxy effect. Use your hair dryer to dry the shirt and flatten out.

Step four: Once your shirt is flattened out you will be able to see the effects taking shape. If you feel it needs more you can repeat step three again. Next, take your bleach bottle (not your spritzer) and fill a cap full and grab your paint brush. Carefully drop a few bleach drop lets on and around your galaxy print, acting as stars or planets at whatever size or quantity you like. Leave to dry naturally or use your hair dryer (and remember to wash this separately afterwards to remove any remaining bleach) and you’re done!

Pair your new galaxy print top with some boho fringed summer shorts and wear it in style :) Shops sell shirts like these for €20 or more.. Which I think is ridiculous when it could be easily done at home! Have fun! XO

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8 thoughts on “DIY Galaxy Print Tee

  1. Shaunargh says:

    amazing looks so simple to do, even though id probably fuck it up, could you paint bleach onto a top with a paintbrush and do like designs or would it get messed up?

    • Sylviee says:

      Thanks, it is simple! As long as you’re bleaching on to a cotton tee and not nylon the bleach will show up what ever your design is! just work slowly and use small amounts at a time and it should work lovely :)

  2. Muireann says:

    Looks great – I’m not sure if they’re available in Ireland, but bleach pens are great for printing/drawing on clothing too.

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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