My week in pictures #20

I always worry these posts are a little too photo heavy. I should start by apologising for the amount of photo’s collected during the week but if you really knew the amount I take each day (anything up to 50!) you’d appreciate that I haven’t completely photo bombed you! I’ve had quite a busy week, with some rather lovely days and lots of times of outdoorsy, fresh air full force exercising! Woo!

Pretty garden weeds // experimenting with my hair since colouring it! // pretty new favourite rings // the postman delivered me this handy arm strap for my morning runs :) // making num nums with chickpeas // yummy falafel burgers // obsessing over draw something games with Shane // more akward self poses of my hair, can you tell I love my new colour? :] // burial for a sweet baby magpie that fell out of our tree in front of me // making mega huge coffee cake for a lovely movie night with mama :)

Things I didn’t photograph: Getting my interview date for Fashion college sent in the post- arh! Entering my blog in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2012 (please vote for me!) Skype chats with lovely people, a hell of a lot of trampolining and running in each day. My new (and still not entirely finished) jewellery stand, Making plans to stay with long missed friends, having my hair in funky bohemian up do’s whilst it’s still curly, more new rings I forgot to photograph, Strawberry cheesecake ice cream (so naughty but so yummy!) and one very destroyed bathroom set for renovation.

I have such a busy week ahead of me, it seems I’m going to be kind of all over the country! First stop today is to Youghal for a Birthday party in which I will be spending much needed quality time with two of my old house mates and some friends from college! Then a little detour down to Cobh to see the lovely beau :) and then what looks like to be surfing in Kerry with my boyfriend and the lads! xo


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