My Week in Pictures #21

Travelling to Youghal to visit precious friends from college & enjoy a birthday dinner!/My friend now has the craziest more amazing peacock inspired hair ever, so jealous!/very late night cups of tea after walking the tracks home with my beau/strawberry flavour jelly beans are just my favourite flavour ever./Embracing wiggly hair with my funky new mini hair straightener :) /Sunning our buns and being cutsy with reflections in my sunnies /cloudy view from the train /fresh fruit salad for breakfast! You know summers on it’s way :) /Coming home to a new bed (which I now love!)

I forgot to post this last Friday! Basically when I was meant to be going home I ended up staying even longer at my boyfriends so I didn’t have a chance to blog, Good thing too really as those extra sunny few days topped off a really brilliant week and it was a great mood setter for what the Summer will be like! (here’s hoping we’ll be blessed with more golden rays)

Last week was possibly just the best week ever, such a good start to the Summer. I’ve tons more photo’s to show, so much happened last week so I’m saving them for another few posts which are coming in the next few days :) The majority of the photo’s above are from my instagram as I seem to have abandoned bringing my camera everywhere and just use my iPhone to snap away.. Carrying a big chunky camera around makes me feel silly! How was your week? XO


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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