Things that make me happy.

Since the Suns out a lot more (hurray!) I’ve been outside a lot more, enjoying the weather and admiring all the pretty things I love about this time of year. Taking a million more pictures than my weekly photo’s post can handle I thought why not share a few of what makes me happy being at home, enjoy!

Thanks to my new bed I have fallen in love with my bedroom all over again. I go through phases of hating my room and what’s in it but then spending time away from it makes me love it all over again. I did have a bit of a strop over the sudden removal of my old bed whilst I was away I’l admit, but I do now adore it. It’s so pretty with the twinkly lights wrapped around it and boy is it comfortable. If I didn’t love sleeping before I sure as hell do now.

CHICKENS! They’ve seriously grown to be part of the family over time. They even think they’re cat-like and sit on our window sills watching us eat dinner or watch soaps, tapping with their beaks to get our attention. I particularly love our bold as brass cockerel, Cadbury. They’ve taken to burrowing into the ground making a little nook to laze about in the sun during the day :]

Our neighbour has the best display of the prettiest flowers all in one giant row along the road. It’s amazing to walk past and get a good whiff of them (when my sense of smell decides to actually work!)

Finally finishing up my beloved jewellery stand and displaying all my favourite pieces out in full view. I should really curb my love for trinkets but I always find myself buying more.. and I still have two more boxes of jewellery dotted around my room… More on my antler stand soon! :)

Proud sister alert! This little smiling delight makes everyone’s day. She’s really growing into such a darling little creature, frantically waving at every neighbour or passing car by us. At 2 years old she’s so polite and caring of everything or everyone around her, even with her OCD tendencies. I love her little face ♥ Boy can she throw a wobbler though!

GIANT DAISIES. I just adore them. I took Ellie on a walk yesterday and we picked a bunch to display in my room next to my chunk of rose quartz and oil burner. Daisies just make me happy. Especially the colourful ones, oh my gosh! I’m off to get a start on some boho diy projects, goodnight! XO


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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