DIY Floral Antlers Necklace Display

With Summer literally on our doorsteps I want to share with you a cute and really simple diy that I’ve recently made for my own bedroom. Earlier on in the year I redecorated my room with a clean cream colour and have since been dotting my dream catchers and twinkly lights around, really trying to bring my bedroom towards the fresh boho style I so very obsess over. This diy is so quick, gives an instant result of pretty and finally leaves me with a space other than my jewellery boxes to display my favourite necklaces.

upplies needed: Deer antlers (mine are real but faux antlers can be found in any good craft shop!) Faux flowers, scissors, glue gun and glue sticks. *drill and screws to attach your antlers to the wall) Step one: Gather your faux flowers and cut them down to the stems or separate them entirely. Step two: Glue each flower to the base of your antlers where they join to hide the screws and continue glueing them around the middle until you have a pretty floral centre. The glue gun dries quickly so once these steps are over you can begin decorating your new jewellery stand with all your favourite pieces! Fast, simple and beautiful. ♥


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