Life… as of late.

My my the week is dragging. It’s just typical how I’m always saying I want the weeks to slow down instead of whizzing past me and when I’m finally doing my intern-ship the week just won’t budge. Days are going so slowly and I barely have any energy to do things when I’m home, it’s crazy how the early morning starts and the hours I’m away completely zaps all my energy. I’m just waiting out for my day off to rummage through the charity shops of Macroom in search of blouses, flannel shirts and anything else I can fashion into my ever growing list of things to make this Summer.

When I’m not complaining about my lack of energy you can find me at my miniature desk (seriously it’s a coffee table about 5 inches off the awkward to sit at) with either a paintbrush or sewing machine at hand and with a coffee close by. I’ve brought coffee back into my life after a few weeks maybe even a month or two away from the stuff and holy moley I have missed it! Having a foot pedal to my sewing machine has brought back my love of sewing again.

I’ve spent  the last two evenings making what I hope will turn out to be a pretty bralette out of such wonderful floral green fabric and ripped up a prom style dress just for a long zip to use for it. In the end I didn’t even need the zip. Oh well, it’s all in the experience. I might keep the white poof ball dress for October and have it as a back up, ‘killer prom queen’ style costume for when it’s time to return to The Nightmare Realm. It’s always fun planning costumes. I’m hoping to have the bralette finished at some stage this week, expect a blog post if it’s not a total failure. xo


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