A little hello..

I’m terribly sorry for the mini blog hiatus, It was unintentional I swear! I’ve been given the canon 550D for a while to take photographs as well as drawing up some mural designs which are both for my intern-ship so my week’s been pretty busy, meaning lots of early nights and many a cup of coffee to keep my tired eyes awake. I’m not sure if being given this camera was the best or worst thing for me, I’ve fallen head over heels for it, which will make it near impossible to give back when needed. I’m not used to having amazing photo quality the way this camera gives so you should expect a photo splurge of a post soon. Having this camera has definitely sold my plans on buying the 550d for my travels to South Africa in less than 2 months time as well, crazy how I survived so long on 8mega-pixels.. I don’t think I could go back to anything less than 17 mega-pixels now!

Sorry for all the face photo’s as of late.. I just want to photograph everything whilst I have this camera! Just like I hoped, I scored three beautiful dresses yesterday and the over sized blue checked flannel shirt you can see me wearing in the top picture. All the dresses needed some serious altering as they were all too big for me but this was no problem, I spent this afternoon hunched over my sewing machine and now they now all fit me perfect! I did have plans to turn the checked shirt into a dress like my prototype but I’m in two minds whether to keep it as it is or not.. Always the predicament with nice things for diys! It is super cozy to lounge around in after a run. I might just keep it as it is for now.. :) xo

Its not to late to vote for me in the Cosmo Blog Awards this year! If you think my blog is worth the Best Lifestyle title please please vote for me! Much love xx

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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