Rainy Days

It’s days like these that call for long bubble baths, comfy pajamas, a big mug of coffee and settling down to watch a good film nestled in the warmth of your blankets. That’s exactly what I will be doing tonight, I’ve made some time to blog because I know I haven’t been the best with updating my little site! I blame all of this on the fact that my entire family have gone a bit loopy for redecorating and making sure the house is ship shape for the arrival of dear old Grannie who is staying with us from England for the next week. You’d think we were having the Queen over the way mum was fretting about! As well as the weather being a total lame-o, walking to work in the lashing rain and making sure I’m doing my running each day makes for a very tired Sylvie. So I’m sorry it’s been quiet around My Fabric Heart. I do love each and everyone one of you readers and a big hello to the number of new followers I’ve gained! Where have all you lovelies come from? :]

Taken earlier via my Instagram, follow me! (@sylvieepops)

Some perks of the week have been; Making two new pen-pals of sorts! I’ve wanted to do a sweet-swap for a long time and last night this happened! So I will be swapping sweets with the States and England and I will be returning the favour with some much loved irish goodies :) Making lots of pretty new diys that I will be sharing with you all soon! (I’ve been a crafty git in my spare time!) Long luxurious bubble baths to ease my muscle pains in our newly renovated bathroom and using up the last of my Lush bath bombs from my Christmas tin! Getting along with Gran and having lots of chats about my upcoming travels!  XO


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