Before the sun was up

Those of you that follow my twitter will know that this morning (5am approximately) I decided it would be a good idea to go for an early morning run. A really early morning run! I was having trouble sleeping and I blame this on going to bed with the idea that when I finally get my bike I will be able to cycle to our local nature reserve park and run the entire track alongside the forest and then be able to cycle back home. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while but the reserve being quite a small distance away would make it only half the mission if I bike it. I haven’t calculated the miles it will take but its long enough that I won’t be something I’ll be doing every day let me tell you!

So for some reason, full of energy I trekked out into the early morning bleariness and began my run. I’m using an app that tells me when to run,sprint and walk as well as counting my miles covered and time scale for me. It’s a fun incentive and weirdly enough I don’t feel so ‘on my own’ running. The idea of a friendly voice telling you what to do is almost like having a trainer or running buddy alongside you, which is nice.  Am I sounding crazy/lonesome yet? :)

I got home for 6am and was greeted by a shivering wet dog, stretched out and crept back inside for fear of waking the sleeping beauties indoors. Still having 3 hours to spare before I had to leave (!) I popped Silent Hill in the dvd player and curled up with breakfast in bed until it was time to head down to my internship! So as you can imagine today has felt like the longest day. I’m taking tonight easy with a scrumptious salad for dinner, a movie for one and finishing making my dream catcher I started yesterday! It makes no difference to me that it’s Friday as it means it’s just one day closer to my dentist appointment. SO worried about what she’ll say to me! Until then.. Happy Friday everyone xo

Theres still time to vote for me at this years Cosmo Blog Awards! (Its the pink banner on my side bar!) Please please vote for my blog in the best lifestyle category. It would mean the world to me! Thank you xx

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