DIY Jewellery Ring Display Case

This diy was kind of unexpected. It wouldn’t of happened had I not had this random slide box that my mum gave me a while ago or had about about a metre worth of memory foam spare from a previous project. The box was awesome but it was scribbled on and some spots of ink had ruined the interior so she gave it to me in hope that I would find something to do with it. Seeing from my last DIY that I had about a million rings left lying around it got me thinking about a place to put them, hence the birth of this very unexpected tutorial..

What you will need: A box (mine was a slide box but it could be any container or even a cute vintage tin!) some paint, cardboard* foam, cotton fabric, scissors, glue gun, sewing machine or needle and thread.

Step one. Because my box was so ruined I painted it pale pink and left it overnight to dry. *If your container has no compartment spaces like mine did you can make them using cardboard and covering with fabric. Step two. Gather your memory foam and cut out some rectangles, roll them up and measure how many you will need for your compartments. I needed 6 rolls for four compartments.

Leave your newly covered rolls to the side and gather your fabric to get started on covering the inside compartments. I wanted to cover the wood to make it look a little nicer. You will need your glue gun and a flat iron for this part.

And your finished! For such a simple tutorial it makes an effective looking ring display case, and not to mention cute! I even padded the opening of the box so the rings would sit nice and snug even when the box is closed or being carried around. Have fun creating this one! :) XO


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