Sleep & Sniffles

The last couple of days I have been quite under the weather and haven’t been able to blog much so I’ll be playing catch up of what’s been happening for the next few days. I’m still sick but with the help of numerous nurofens,lemsips and cough medicine i’m starting to feel like myself again, things are still painful but atleast I can breathe and hear properly! (i’ve been complaining a lot on my twitter about that) Yesterday I had hopes to pop into town and go on a rummage spree whilst Shane was at work. I was so very nearly out the door when I got hit by a wave of fever and had to get back into my jammies and rest up for the day. I hate how being sick is a thing that you just cannot control, it controls you. It’s only typical that on my days off I am too sick to do anything, sleeping and sniffling is all I can do well lately.

Last week was mamabears birthday! We celebrated the occasion with not one but three carrot cakes (granted two were massive fails involving fire alarms going off and I will never ever cook with egg whites again) and pretty cards and gifts including a Wii! Mum mentioned about wanting one and my brothers girlfriend was selling hers and it was all just perfect timing. Mum loved it! Granted we took over the Wii and had a few fun nights of silly Yoga poses, laughing at my youngest brother attempting weight training (and being too light to register on the wii board!) and a good few hours spent on a new favourite game, Guitar Hero. I’m missing it already and i’m not even that good at it,hoho.

Also, for the first time in (what felt like forever but was actually) a month, Shane and I have actually gotten to spend some much awaited time together! Originally he came down to stay at mine for the week just after my Gran left from her stay but after a few days we returned to Cobh due to some choppy changy plans, luckily I’m on my week off so this was all possible! It’s been so so good to see him again and just be together, I don’t mean to sound sappy but a month feels like the longest time when you’re away from loved ones!

I have a couple outdoorsy posts coming up from various mini breaks last week as well as some sneaky glimpses of some things I’ve been doing lately in my free time so keep your peepers peeled! xo

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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