Green fingers

My mum loves gardening. It’s not something she always loved and she often says ‘if you told me when we were living in England that in the future i’d be knee deep in chicken shit and getting green fingers I would laugh at you’. Or something a long those lines. But of recent years it is something that has sparked up a huge interest for my mum, especially since we moved up to Silent Hill. Often found in her beloved Poly-tunnel, fruit garden or paddock with the girls alongside her, (girls being our chooks – who I deeply believe were cats in their past lives) she is happy to spend all day inside these fortresses of hers.

I having a rather large lack of interest in gardening (to my shame) and I don’t spend enough time out in either of these places and with each visit I am always surprised with what grows on in there, hoho. So one afternoon last week I ventured inside and took a few photos to share with you.. Here are my favourites.

I just love the curl in the sweetcorn leaves in the top photo.  I was blown away at how fast these have grown, I remember when mum had planted all the seeds and the ground was fairly bare, it’s really cool to see things growing and knowing that pretty soon we’ll be harvesting our own sweetcorn cobs.

When mum saw this picture she shunned it, thinking it was nothing to show off. I like these little cubby holes for each seed to grow. Broccoli is awesome, little trees! :)

Mum bought me a courgette plant around the time of my last birthday and even planted it for me (she probably knew I would of killed it somehow if I planted it myself) and to be honest, I forgot about it until mum showed me how it’s been doing! I freaking love courgettes and I can’t wait to eat these home grown babies. Just thinking of all the yummy dishes I can make with these makes me happy!

Lettuce patch of three different kinds that I have since devoured faster than a pack of rabbits and a cute bean looking plant, I think it’s a melon of some kind. I hope it’s a melon. I love melon.

These are actually growing in the Fruit garden instead of the poly tunnel. I know I say I love a lot of fruits and veggies but I seriously die for blue berries. They are just the best fruits ever I think. You can’t go wrong with these little bombs of antioxidants and yummy goodness. Last year the birds ate all of the blueberries so I didn’t eat half enough of them as I would have liked so this year we’re making sure they stay covered and the only bird that will be eating them is ME.

We have a pumpkin patch! And it certainly has a mind of it’s own, it’s taking over half of the front entrance with it’s ever winding stems and beautiful yellow pod flowers. The flowers remind me of those killer purple flowers in that film Jumanji , apart from colour they look similar and even have tiny spines on there petals for any invading enemies, which are actually sore! This picture doesn’t really do our little patch justice, it’s growing wilder and wilder every day, I’m excited to see how crazy it’s grown when I return home at the end of this week!

So that’s just a little snippet of my lovely mums little paradise of veggies. After everything mums been through with her previous experiences of gardening (crazy weather uprooting one poly tunnel up into the air on her birthday to name one of the worst of experiences) I’m really proud of her for sticking through with it all, I know I would have given up long ago if it were me! She has the patience of a saint especially when the rain is pouring and she’s still out there tending to her plants with her lovely smile, cup of coffee and crazy patterned wellies. I love my mum and her love for gardening is something I hope will eventually rub off on to me. XO


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