Goodbye June (Hello July!)

Scary thought… 5 months till Christmas! I think I say this every month but time really does need to slow down a bit. What’s the rush like!

I’m two day’s late writing this but i’m sure noones going to shoot me over it.

Things I Have Accomplished Since June 1st:

  • I’ve seen through another month of running and power walking, although I took a week break when I went to stay with Shane but other than that I’ve been consistent with exercising in my free time.
  • This year my blog has risen in views and followers exponentially with last month being my personal best month ever, I am so pleased to see something I am so passionate about soar. Thank you so much to everyone who supports,follows and likes my blog. ♥
  • I finally went to the doctor and dentist! It only took me half a year to pluck up the courage to face my fear of the dentist (i’m not scared off them but because I had put off going for so long I was freaked about what I would need done) and it wasn’t so bad. I do need to go back to both though!
  • I had the opportunity to write a review for a cute vintage company, I Like It Here boutique, which was a goal ticked off my blog list!
  • I even got a bit social and went out on a much needed girls night :)
  • My veggies have been growing away without my help! Soon I should be able to eat home grown courgettes!
  • Last month I made a new blogger friend living in Texas thanks to a random but lovely email she sent. Hello Jennifer! :)
  • I also got started on my Sweet Swap idea, having two friends who I will be sending yummy treats back and forth! (one lives in the US and the other lives in the UK, yay!)

Things I’ve started:

  • I’ve very nearly almost got myself my dream SLR camera. Watch this space :)
  • I’ve been filling notebooks with lists and diy projects for when i’m away next month. NEXT MONTH! Its so close its scary.
  • I’ve gotten more interested in photography but nothing serious. I did work a lot with photography outside of the blog last month for the local irish college though, which was awesome and great work experience.
  • I’m close to finishing last months book, Interview with a Vampire. I’m making the last few chapters count because it’s such a beautiful book.
  • Planning things to do for my trip to South Africa, did you know you can go Ostrich racing over there? Madness!

Things I Haven’t Started but Should because They Aren’t That Difficult:

  • Driving lessons. Surprise surprise! I do plan to do something about this once I’m back from SA and have more money available.
  • Seen my family in the UK or a live band.
  • Haven’t had a chance to do most summery things on my list as we don’t seem to be getting a Summer this year!

I like to think I got a lot done last month, I even managed to keep on top of blogging and running in between my work experience. June was a lovely month minus the crazy rainy days. It’s getting so soon to August i’m starting to panic a little about getting everything ready for my big trip away! How was June for you? Was it a nice month or are you glad to see the back of it? XO

(you can see my other monthly recaps, JanuaryFebruaryMarch , April and  May and my resolutions here!)


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