Country wanderings

It’s been a while since I went for a casual stroll with my camera in tow. I live in amongst mountains and beautiful scenery which I see everyday and have sadly gotten used too, thus I find I take it for granted a lot. In between my daily running schedule and walking to my work experience I’ve noticed I’ve always got my eyes on the ground so it was refreshing to be able to actually take notice of the simple things, drift around and take shots of just about everything that caught my attention along the same roads that I run each day. It was certainly a nice break on my weak little knees.

This cute little lamb came bounding over to me without a care in the world, he poked his head through for a cuddle and let me snap away whilst he nudged into my hand, probably expecting me to have food. I wanted to take him home with me! Since our Barb died a couple years ago (Our pet sheep, thought herself more a dog though!) I’ve always missed having a cute fuzzy cloud on legs in our garden to come out and give a squeeze. Sheep are awesome.

Having the canon has made taking photo’s worthwhile! I’ve grown so used to my dear little Carl but being honest I’ve had him nearly four years and he’s a I dare say it? Outdated. With only 8megapixels it was truly a relief to be able to go out and take a snap of something that caught my eye and not be disappointed with it but rather amazed at it’s crisp and clear quality. An extra 10mp goes a hell of a long way. It’s about that time I got myself a canon I think. Watch this space! xo


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