Tick tock

 I’m really loving my new camera and I think it’s given me a new lust for life, between speeding through my note book of to-do lists (something that usually doesn’t happen so quickly) ticking each one off and snapping pictures around the homestead of everything and anything that takes my fancy, the past two days have been productive to say the least! New tutorials have been done, photographs have been taken, a resolution has been fulfilled, alterations are sewn up and I even managed to do a little outfit shoot today- gasp!

Mentioning on Twitter earlier today I realised, to my horror, at just how little time I have left in Ireland. Why do I think it’s still the beginning of July? I have 23 days left to get things organised until I am actually basking in glorious South African sun (and probably dying from the intense heat!) so even though I am excited, I’m nervous as hell and starting to panic about everything! I feel like I’m running out of time to spend both at home, with friends and seeing my boyfriend, all before I leave! Some serious planning is in order I think..

How has your Monday been? XO

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5 thoughts on “Tick tock

    • Sylviee says:

      Awh thank you! it is at the moment yeah! I’m travelling around south africa for the month of August, just a life long dream of mine really! thank you, as of the last couple of posts ive been using a canon 600D camera and previously for older posts, a sony dsc h9 camera. :)

      • frommybrain2urscreen says:

        Oops! Sorry. I read your previous blog after I asked you about what kind of camera. Sorry.

        I hope you have a great time in South Africa. What a wonderful experience you will have. And I can’t wait to see your pics.

      • Sylviee says:

        Ah no worries :) thanks for reading my blog! I hope so too, it’l be an adventure thats for sure! and yes no doubt ill take about a million photos! :)

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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