Feels like sunshine after all

I’m at my boyfriends for this weekend! The only difference this time is he’s working all day all weekend so I only get to see him at night time when he’s finished, it’s not so bad. I get to take full advantage of their crazy fast broadband (no xbox boy to slow it down here, HA!) like typing scheduled posts for when I’m away, downloading some old favourite albums for the flight and relaxing in the garden whilst the suns decided to show it’s face. Sorry about my mug, all these hours in front of the screen can lead to slight dementia resulting in silly face photo’s. Hope you don’t mind too much.
It was a quick decision to come up on Friday as I needed to do grab some more things in preparation for my adventure away. Tropical shopping is fun. I didn’t go crazy as I had to be a frugal as possible with my money (even though I want need all of H&M’s pastel sleeveless blouses!) so I only bought some basics; mosquito repellent wristbands that are really smelly and bright yellow, travel toothpaste and other miniatures, high factor sunscreen and the all important travel insurance. Such a big trip requires insurance. Although my camera or iPhone isn’t covered so I’ll have to sort them out separately. All that’s left on my list is a new journal to document everything, swimming costume and waterproof disposable cameras. Wahey!I had my breakfast, pictured above, out in the garden today as the weather just called for it. Grabbing my camera along for the morning I managed to capture a few nice moments out there. It’s a beautiful garden but because Shane lives in a town house his neighbours are literally at an arms length away and all the gardens are really close, which is something i’m not used to any more. (london to rural countryside, ireland!) so lounging out in my yoga shorts and raggy shirt taking those kinds of photographs of my feet in the sunshine suddenly seemed weird to me. I am definitely being silly and paranoid, this I know, but it felt like I was being watched and I felt a little bit like an idiot. Well, more of an idiot than usual!

I’ve been thinking, is there anything in particular you would like to see more of here on OMFH? More tutorials or fashion diys? Certain regular posts brought back like the 10 things i love sunday posts I used to do or something new altogether? Any feedback would be welcome! Feel free to leave me a comment :) XO

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