My Week in Pictures #31

I KNOW I KNOW I’ve been so bad for not keeping up with regular weekly post. I’ve been such a busy little bean lately but I feel like I’m really over using the “I’ve been busy” excuse a little too much so I’m sorry!

Witnessing Ellie take on the swings like a boss! She had a play date with her new best friend, whom she calls Banana (I assure you she is not a banana, it just rhymes with her name!) and they had a good few hours of trampolining and chasing chickens around the garden. // The best picture I have ever taken of Tiggy, he’s actually smiling NATURALLY which is an achievement in itself, Tigs always pulls funny faces and his idea of smiling normally looks like something from the Chuckie films.. // Cooking for the family! I made vegetable lasagne for the first time with aubergines and peppers. I’ve already been asked to make it into a regular weekly meal by xbox boy which I’m sure mum has no arguments against the idea! // Sneak shot of one of my many holiday dresses for Africa // Packing literally took three days and many many double checking did I actually need everything. I’m still not sure and I’m leaving in 5 days! // Ells Bells being awesome with my fake Ray Ban look-a-likes. // Goodbye drinks and lots of card games with my Budapestian and xbox boy.. Ended up being one of the funniest/randomest nights we’ve ever had! // Hangover food- Katie really makes the yummiest cookies.

Well there’s the over-view of my week! I’ve left home as of last night to spend my final few days in Cork with Shane before my flights on Wednesday afternoon. Today I learnt that two massive suitcases are great for seats when there are none on the train but are not good when lugging up the MANY hills of Cobh.. My poor legs! And that Audiobooks are the way to go in life! But they too come with their own problems, two chapters into listening to The Hunger Games on the train and I found myself fighting back the tears. I swear there’s something about the way the voice tells the story that had me welling up. Which would have looked REALLY weird if I did, balancing on a suitcase in the middle of the train, crying into my earphones surrounded by the many tourists visiting Cobh.. Yep. Glad I held back this time! XO


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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