South Africa: Journalling

Hello! I just wanted to share with you my little travel journal I made up before I left on my trip. Originally I wanted a moleskin journal but two problems came with this idea; one – as much as I like the idea of having a pretty moleskin journal I knew I would never fill it and it would end up in my shelf of other pretty but unfilled/unloved journals! and two, they’re pricey.

So being the crafty little devil that I am I decided to re-style a notebook I found in Vibes and Scribes a few months back. It had about 40 lined pages inside so it was perfect, nice and small. The cover is funky, lots of little men in black suits all looking the same looking like they’re falling through the sky. Strange but perfect for me! Knowing I wanted to personalise it I unhooked the staples and added some plain,squared and map sheets inside for a bit of a mix. Squared paper is fun to draw on!

I’m hoping to fill this notebook with my thoughts and daily going’s on whilst I’m over there as well as some little goals/mini bucket list I’ve made for myself inside. I’ve also added a little pocket at the back for any memorable keepsakes, maps,guides,postcards etc. I really want to cram this one full of my adventures and not give up halfway because I hate my writing. (it happens so often) So when I come back hopefully I should have a ton of scrapbooky-memories to scan in and show all of you! XO

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