DIY No-Sew : Workout Shirt!

Hey guys! I have a nice little tutorial for you all today. What makes it special is that not only is it really easy it involves ZERO sewing. Yup, my first tutorial without the help of needles and thread or a sewing machine! Shock! I was asked a few months back to help a friend make one and we didn’t actually get around to it but instead I decided to create the tutorial on my blog! Let’s get started.

What you need: A t-shirt of your choice, scissors.

The shirt I chose to slice up was actually given to me from a friend, who stole it from a bar in Dublin! naughty naughty. I just want to state that football in no-way interests me (except maybe when they fall over and cry about it) but it wouldn’t be like me to turn down a free super soft tee to cut up!

*the knotting in step 5 can be done anyway you like. I chose to slip knot it which is the basic starting knot to crochet. It just happened out of habit but the knotting looked cool so I kept it up! You can wrap it, criss-cross knot it or crochet knot it. Whatever way you choose the choice is up to you!

**In step 6 the curved cut makes the shirt shorter in the front to show off your tummy so if you don’t want it like this you can either make the cut less curved or leave the cut out all together! I’ve tried loads of different versions of how to make a workout shirt and this one is definitely the easiest! The no-sew factor is such a bonus if you’re feeling lazy or can’t sew. Enjoy your new awesome racer style work out shirt! Would you like to see more of these no-sew tutorials? Leave me a comment and let me know! :) XO

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