Outfit posts won’t be a regular thing on this blog, there’s enough fashion bloggers out there that do a far better job without my contribution!
I bought this dress in the Primark sale a few weeks ago with the intention of being able to wear it out in Africa. It’s not my usual style of dress, paisley being something I’m not usually drawn too but for a euro I couldn’t refuse. It’s one of those easy to throw on outfits-perfect with sandals. It is certainly something to wear when it’s too hot for clingy shorts and the pretty detail is just that right amount of girly for me. With my mum’s black crochet sling on, my favourite elephant purse (mums too!) and sunnies I’m set to enjoy traipsing around the streets of Joburg, Limpopo or Cape Town, where ever I end up! Hope your all having a good week (: xo


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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