Guest Post Tutorial : Satin Flower Brooch DIY

Hello! I’m Amy from The Happy Daisy and I’m honored to be posting for Sylv while she’s away on the trip of a lifetime (I might be a tiny bit jealous! haha). Today I want to share a simple tutorial for making your own satin flower brooches, although I’m nowhere near as stylish as Sylvie, who doesn’t love an accessory?!

Satin Flower Brooch DIY

You Will Need: 
  • Satin (other fabrics can work, but it’s a matter of trial and error, depending on how well the edges singe),
  • Tulle, net or lace in a coordinating colour,
  • Needle and thread,
  • Scrap felt,
  • Scissors,
  • A selection of small beads,
  • Glue – Bostik All Purpose is my glue of choice, but any strong glue will do the trick,
  • A brooch pin (a safety pin will work, if you can’t get hold of a brooch pin),
  • Tea light / Candle.
Step 1. Working concentrically, cut out circles of satin – make the largest slightly larger than the size you want your finished brooch to be – they’ll shrink slightly as the edges are fixed. Note: the more circles you cut, the fuller your finished flower will be.
Step 2. Taking care not to melt your fabric or burn your hands, singe the edges of your satin circles over a candle flame. The longer you hold them over the flame, the more ruffled and puckered the edges will be.
Step 3. Cut out circles of netting or lace large enough to fit inside each satin ‘petal’.
Step 4. Layer them, largest on the bottom, smallest on the top and secure with a couple of stitches in the centre.

Step 5. Add beads to create a centre for your flower and fasten off with a small knot at the back of the flower – don’t worry if it looks untidy, it’ll be covered by felt.
Step 6. Cut a circle from your scrap felt and glue to the back of your flower – this creates the base for the brooch clasp.
Step 7. Cut a small rectangle from leftover felt, making sure it fits through your brooch pin.
Step 8. Adding glue to the pin base and the reverse of the felt rectangle, secure clasp to the centre of your felt circle. Leave to dry.
Why not glue them to bobby pins or stitch on to hair combs to make flowery hair accessories?
Sylvie, thankyou for having me! Feel free to follow along with my crafty adventures, over on my blog. Ax
– Thanks for the tutorial Amy! This looks so fun! Make sure you give Amys blog, The Happy Daisy a gander, it’s filled with such beautiful photos, artistic style and is really inspiring! I’m definitely going to give this one a try when I’m back in the Emerald Isle :) xo

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