Photo an Hour: 15th July

Hello hello! Last month I finally got around to doing that photo-an-hour post! I’ve been meaning to start these things since January but to be honest, the days that end up being most interesting always go unphotographed! I decided to just start it the weekend I got my new camera as I had a big case of the new-camera-must-take-photos-of-everything-and-anything vibe!

8am: The only things I need to have a good run in the early morning sunshine. Water is essential!

9am: a shower is well needed post-run. I brush my teeth when i’m in the shower, is that weird? Also, the citrus-y shower bomb was so lovely on my toes. Will definitely be using these again!

10am: Breakfast time! Unfortunately my omelette ended up shit after I flipped it (ALWAYS HAPPENS!) so I gave it to the chickens. Toast and a sneaky mocha had to do!

11am: General cleaning up around my bedroom as it gets so messy followed by some light reading/learning all about what my new camera can do. (I promise I’ll stop gushing about it soon!)

12pm: Catching up on my 365 project! I let it slip about 9 days.. oops. It took longer than an hour to get up to date on it but that’s the price you pay when you slack off!
1pm: Lunch break! Ellie’s cheeky little face is smiling because she knew I had stolen her breakfast fruit bread and wanted to eat mine as well as her own..It really is amazing toasted with butter though!

2pm: Okay I know this looks weird but the sole padding of one of my running shoes came loose and it was annoying me for days, so I fished out my art supplies for my glue gun and finally got around to gluing the bugger back in! I also cleaned up all the tiny cut up pieces of paper from my 365 project / general desk area.

3pm: I’ve recently been asked to do some paintings for the Irish college in the village, all based around local heritage such as Gougane Barra and standing stones. These are just some rough sketches but doing them reminded me how much I dislike painting!

4pm: quick tea break to rest my eyes from painting and a sneaky stolen treat from little brothers stash! He caught me eating it though. Little bugger doesn’t skip a beat!

5pm-7pm: Tackling my ever growing pile of alterations. This time I was down-sizing some basic H&M dresses.7pm: Sunday roast with the fam. I freaking LOVE my mums roasted veggies she cooks for me.. All those Parsnips and broccoli.. YUM!

8pm: Organising blog posts, emails and to do lists. It always takes longer than I original plan!

9pm: Phone call from my boo filling me in on everything that’s been happening. Excuse awkward angle of this photo!

10pm: Decided to have an early night as my old lady knees were screaming for a rest. The joys of running hard ground eh? So I popped on a film, The Darjeeling Limited (again!) and snuggled up in bed. Also got around to finishing a good book before passing out!

Well that was my photo-an-hour post! What did you think of my boring day? These kinds of things tend to be really photo-heavy but that goes with the title! Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my boring life, hoho. I’m not too sure if I will continue this idea each month like I wanted to do in my resolutions but for now this will do! *This post is from last month! Currently travelling South Africa!* xo


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