Sunsets over South Africa

During my first few days in Africa, Lewis took me to this beautiful dam that was only a few minutes drive from where they live to give his dog Dante a nice long walk and a swim. It’s HUGE and stretches so far and wide. It was such a hot evening, we had just eaten our body weight in yummy trifle and went to the shops to stock up on drinks and food for the Braai we were having later that evening, I tried this new Mango beer brand called Brutal Fruit (and it was brutal..when mixed with rum!) and we made vegetable burgers from scratch. I met some new wonderful friends, Kevin and Danni on this same day. It was one of my favourite days from my first week in this beautiful country, I wish I could go back and re-live it all again! ♥

Hey there! I’ve started to realise just how mammoth of a task it will be to go through all my photos from my travels, there’s just so many. Every day was awesome and filled with fun but I can’t possibly talk about every day on here, so I think I’ll have to go through my favourite moments and days and choose what to post. This week has been quite chilled at home. I’ve been readjusting to ‘normal life’, reading a lot, seeing friends and catching up on my 365 project. It got abandoned whilst I was travelling so I’ve been squirrelling away getting it up to date with it this week as my boyfriend promised me dinner & a movie if I get it done before Friday…Challenge accepted!:) As well as this I’ve been getting things organised and preparing myself for work next month in The Nightmare Realm. (starting rehearsals tomorrow!) I’m so excited to be returning there and seeing how everyone’s been, as well as spend the month scaring the life out of Cork..Yay! xo



4 thoughts on “Sunsets over South Africa

  1. Jenny says:

    What an amazing photos. I love that you can see a person on the shoreline, it gives the shot a great sense of perspective. You can really feel the calm in the photo.

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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