OCTOBER! (Aug & Sept recap)

I can’t believe my favourite month of the year is fiiiinally here! I didn’t get around to doing my recap of August due to being away on my travels and September came and went pretty darn fast so I decided to just smack the last two months together in a big recap post instead! BOOM!

Things I have Achieved Since August 1st:

  • Achieving my biggest dream of travelling around and living in South Africa for 6 weeks was definitely the highlight of August and September for me, if not my entire year!
  •  Whilst I was over in SA I kept my word to filling my scrapbook with everyday goings on and sketches which I’m hoping to show you once I’ve tweaked the last few pages.
  • I also kept up Yoga and some running whilst I was out there, not to mention the physical activities we were doing like climbing, zip lining or snorkelling.. as well us the usual gremlinging we got up too! :]
  • I’ve stocked up on new (to me) books over the last two months and have been dipping into some basic Japanese and learning about neuro linguistics programming!
  • I’ve been to Mozambique, London, Johannesburg and South Africa all in the last 6 weeks, travelling on my own and not getting lost in each new airport!
  • I’ve snorkelled in the Indian Ocean,Walked alongside Elephants (even fell off one!) in Kruger National Park, I’ve held & fed crocodiles, seen and touched more plants and animals that my brain knows what to do with, made my own jewellery and experimented with glass & aluminium blowing. I touched everything that was new to me (even the things I was told not too!) I’ve been ziplining and freefalling through giagantic valleys and gorges, sustained more injuries than I ever have in my life, I’ve been to Gods Window and stood on the railings over the edge.. I’ve had the best time of my life and grasped every opportunity that came to me.
  • Seems a little silly to call an achievement after all the above but after months of practise..I can finally fully split again! I used to be able to do the splits in school when I was younger but lost it over the years..Keeping up my flexibility has been a big thing for me over the years so now I’ve come back to the same level of flexibility I once had is awesome, imo!

Things I’ve Started Since August 1st:

  • My SA Scrapbook journal has been with me through every step of my journey and it’s SO chock0-a-block full with scribbles,drawings,paintings and keepsakes! It was the one thing I was bringing with me that I really wanted to make sure I stuck at.. and I did! My first finished proper scrapbook! Next all I need to do is upload it!
  • I’ve kept up my 365 project even though I pretty much abandoned it whilst I was on my travels.. I did keep little notes of each day so I could catch up when I got home..It only took me 2 days but I’m now up to scratch! :)

Things I Haven’t Started but Should because They Aren’t That Difficult:

  • Haven’t returned to the dentist for my treatment…Now that I’m back and working again I’ll have more time/money to do this!
  • Driving lessons. Same reason as above, I’m hoping to get some done now I have more time/money.

The last two months have been the best in my life, moments I will never forget and will cherish for the rest of my life.. but I’m ready to take this month in full force! October will be filled with large measurements of fun and awesome times and hot coffees snuggled up inside from the blustery winds outside ripping the dying leaves from the trees. I love this month, the change in seasons is beautiful and full of inspiration. This month my wonderful friend Katie is back from BP to spend her 21st birthday with us, I can’t wait to see her again!

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