Life lately

Hey there! Things have been a little busy here in Sylvies HQ.. Mostly all to do with zombies & gore (work) but some awesome nice things too! Because I haven’t been the best little blogger out there I thought I would share with you some snippets of my life…since I’ve been MIA as of late.

From top left:

I’ve been shopping for some autumn staples, some favourites being a few pairs of good skinny jeans and a pair of black boots that make me feel like Mildred Hubble from The Worst Witch. I love them! OH and not to mention my super cute sponge-bob nerd socks :)

Del Rivo make the nicest smoothies ever. Recently I’ve become obsessed with passion fruit  it’s SO yum! I’ve taken a few of these to work because it’s easier to drink food rather than eat it when you’re caked in latex masks and fake blood!

Myself and Darla the clown posing for sneaky pics at work! Have you met Darla yet? She’s mostly nice to our victims… :)

Being even more of a Gremlin than I am and taking the Upside down game to another level. I roped a few of the lads in on this game on one of our staff nights out. We ended up turning most of the downstairs pub and smoking garden upside down! It also carried on over town in the early hours of the morning.

Washing my work costume, a full length wedding dress in the bath has become such a natural thing to me. Blood everywhere! Speaking needs another wash soon.

When I’m not sleeping too much or at work running around after screaming adults you’ll find me playing my new obsession. Dexter the iPhone app! I love it. The newest series is INSANE, none of us can get enough of it!

More upside down games..This time at Mc Donald’s at 6 in the morning.. Let’s just say we weren’t very happy with their breakfast menu they had on offer!

Posing for Red FM on our opening night a few weeks back with Shivers the creepy clown.

Stripy jeans! OKAY I gave in to the trends. At least I didn’t go with those black and white ones that everyone’s wearing these days..

It’s Halloween every day for us ghouls.. so getting a big group photo with some of the middle and top floor monsters put a smile on all our faces last night! We plan to get a bigger better photo taken soon, one with everyone in the picture!

Last but not least..some of the amazing 3D artwork inside the clowns rooms at work. Ah-maze-ing!

Also! The Irish Examiner wrote an article about the ins and outs of where I work this month! Read it here! and that gruesome Corpse Bride you see in the main photo…yeah that’s me! :) Hope you’re all enjoying October! I’m making a conscious effort to photograph more day-to-day things for the blog that doesn’t involve work! xo


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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