Happy November 1st! Well… Halloween came and went! Rather too fast for my liking too. I donned a LBD, stripy tights and black boots for Halloween night after work. Topped it off with a poorly made cat ear headband, collar and some painted whiskers for my Kitty costume. I went for the least amount of effort because when you work in The Nightmare Realm, every fucking day involves lots of effort to look terrifying.. It was nice to dress down this year and just chill. The other day Shane and I carved pumpkins together before work! It was a lot of fun and lots of mess. We now have two sweet little creepers sitting on our window sill staring out at the neighbours :) I wanted one that would fit on my head after seeing the Halloween episode of the Office where Dwight gets a pumpkin stuck on his head for the entire episode…too funny!

I found out last night at work  that being a clown is just not my calling. Playing Dilly the twin clown to Darla last night was fun and I’m glad I got to try it out but I really prefer being in the darkness with all our creeps on the bottom floor. It’s just too much fun being that psychotic! After work we all went for ‘one’ (it’s never just one..) in the realms local spot to drink as the idea of town was just awful to all of us. The pub was filled with amazing costumes (lady GaGa’s Born this way look and a Pirate were my favourites!) and a really good band playing heavy music. With such a laid back vibe to it all, the drink was had. Even a few sing-songs happened minus the all important guitar.. we still managed fine without! Sometimes the best nights are the unplanned ones :) How was your Halloween? xo


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