December (October & November Recap)

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I know I’m a little behind on recapping (whoops 6 days!) but I’ve been super busy with work! December has finally got its claws in, the cold is creeping up on us quicker each morning and I can’t feel my fingers as I type this. So Winter is well and truly here!

Things I Have Completed Since October 1st:

  • OH! I found out Myfabricheart was nominated for Best Craft Blog at the Blog awards, Ireland. How awesome is that? Now if I only checked my emails regularly I would have found out at the time rather than THREE MONTHS LATER. Typical me!
  • October had me running riot in a haunted house with a bunch of other crazies for the month (I work Ireland’s Only Haunted house, The Nightmare Realm each year!) so I learnt a few things about myself, one being I can never have too many bruises. Another being I can turn absolutely everything I am capable of lifting upside down in the realms ‘local’ and not get barred. Thats a success if you ask me.
  • Literally as soon as I was out of the realm I was back up in Cork for another Job interview, which I aced and got the job. So working my socks off every day has become the norm (and I love it). So money wise I am happy to be saving again.
  • I read on the train to work, currently halfway through The Book of Shadows (I took a little break to read some other books..tut tut) and I’m really enjoying it.
  • I’m not sure about dropping a jean size but I’m coming up to completing a 2.5 week Detox in a few days! Its been really tough and I’m glad I’m near the end of it. Scales are not my friends (nor do I own one!) so I’m just having to go by what friends/parents/boyfriend’s judgements say.
  • On the 11th of November my boyfriend and I celebrated our third year together, making it the longest relationship either of us have ever had. It’s a big milestone! <3
  • Around our anniversary time we were lucky enough to get our paws on some free tickets to Bon Iver in Dublin! They were phenomenal. I can’t even put into words how it felt to see and hear them live. A concert I will never forget. Permanent tingles.*
  • Because my job involves constantly talking to people I don’t know (and I know this is going to sound really silly) I no longer have a fear of making/receiving telephone calls from people I don’t know! I know what you’re thinking.. I used to avoid the phone at any costs.. I still hate the phone but for different reasons, dealing with idiots on a daily basis will do that to you!
  • And I guess you can say I moved out! Not fully but I live 90% of the time with my boyfriend now, going home every two weekends to see my family. I can’t wait for Christmas break to get a whole week at home!


Things I Have Started since October 1st:

  • In early November I treated myself to a new watercolour paint set. It’s beautiful and fits so nicely into my satchel. I did keep up painting daily for a while but things just got too hectic in life. When I have more free time I plan to create lots of art!
  • Also, my 365 Project has seriously been lacking recently. I haven’t done it since the end of October so I have a lot of days to catch up on! I plan to have this finished before the year is out.
  • Mini goals! Myself and my lovely decided to set ourselves some mini goals, set to be complete by the time Katies back from Budapest as she comes home often. I think next year I’m going to take a leaf out of her book and set monthly goals rather than a long list of yearly goals. It makes more sense to me as I’m always changing my mind about things!


Things I Haven’t Started but Should because They Aren’t That Difficult:

  • Yep. You guessed it. Doctor/Dentist/Driving lessons. I’m ridiculous, I know.

So that was October and November wrapped up goal wise! Lets hope December takes it’s time and we can actually enjoy the month before it’s out! XO  (you can see my other monthly recaps, JanuaryFebruaryMarch , AprilMayJuneJuly , August&September and my resolutions here!)

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