Cork Christmas Market part 1


I love the weekends. Even more now that I’m working full time, the weekends are the only ‘me’ time I get to enjoy the little things like that extra hour in bed, choosing a really pretty outfit that’s not work related or just not having to trek in the cold to work at 7am! It’s only typical Shane works all the time with rarely any days off (we’re like two ships passing in the night). So with this in mind I knew this Saturday was my only chance to get my Christmas shopping done. No pressure! How perfect that the yearly Christmas market was on in the city? I grabbed Darla and we set off for quite possibly one of the best day’s shopping I’ve had in a long time.

IMG_1797IMG_1785*my mum is going to die when she see’s these chicken seats!*

We heard about a carousel being at the market and got ridiculously excited to see it (Darla misses her clown-days at the realm so much) and it did not disappoint, so much colour! There were such beautiful stalls full of lots of little trinkets that I could easily have bought everything at and the yummy food stalls smelt amazing! Having just completed a 2week no-food detox all I wanted was Thai food and coffee! We set off to enjoy all the sights and smells of the market and enjoyed a few freebies too!

IMG_1791 IMG_1795 SRW2012©My first Cappachino in a fortnight, colourful macaroons (still never tried them!) and my much awaited pad Thai yummyness. It was heaven in a little paper bucket. I’m so tempted to go back today just to smell it all again. And obviously get me some more Thai food!SRW2012© IMG_1794 The market was full of entertainment, beautiful things and lovely happy people. After we had rummaged through every stall at the market we wandered around the shops to slowly tick off our Christmas lists and enjoy the busyness of the city. We got lost in the beautiful books in my favourite bookstore, witnessed a rather loud and annoying protest, saw some naughty shop lifters getting caught by the police and finally stopped to watch (and get jealous) over these really bendy street entertainers that had a massive crowd gathering around. It was then that we made a promise to ourselves to join the Circus Factory next week for training and lessons :)
IMG_1843But wait, that’s not all! Part two coming soon! xo


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