Cork Christmas Market part 2

SRW2012©Following part one of my Christmas Market adventures.. Once we had consumed enough of the Christmas spirit (and food!) around Grande Parade we ventured off into other parts of the city for various presents for some favourite people in our lives. My little brother’s hitting a milestone this New Years Day, finally turning the big 21! I knew exactly what I wanted to get him even if it did mean costing me a pretty penny.. I’m going to have to keep quiet about what it is because I’m not sure does he read my blog..! IMG_1798Returning to one of my old favourite haunts as a teenager.. Darla wanted her Smiley pierced and I needed to get a few awkward piercings of my own changed around so we plonked ourselves down on the sofa and waited for that rather lovely piercing man to attend to us. Watching D getting pierced brought back a serious case of the piercing/tattoo itch. Maybe i’ll get one with my next pay check..IMG_1801 IMG_1804 IMG_1806Is this not the most beautiful shop you have ever set your eyes upon? It reminds me of what my bedroom would look like if I continued to fund my habit of pretty delicate things. I really love the skull mirror and dainty bunting. Makes me want to hide away for a week and craft till my hearts content.IMG_1809 IMG_1832More awesome bendy street performers. They were really funny and had a cute little mime-show going on. Seeing the little children wetting themselves laughing was priceless.

Finally, a favourite detail from yesterdays outfit. I’m not big into outfit posts but I do like the little details in some of my favourite put together outfits. My Octopus necklace got quite a number of compliments, wearing it as a broach with my sheer shirt made it pop out that little bit more without looking too much. It’s the little things in my life I love :) Have you been to any Christmas markets or plan too? I’m hoping to re-visit this market next weekend too! XOIMG_1855

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3 thoughts on “Cork Christmas Market part 2

  1. Louise (@Lollylu95) says:

    How did I miss those macaroons from your previous post?! I need to go around the Christmas market again this week, your pictures of it are fab! Where is that funky looking shop with the skull mirror full of lovely things?! :) xo

    • Sylviee says:

      They’re amazing aren’t they! Thank you! It was super fun taking these photos. If you like Thai I reaalllyy recommend trying wok n rolls padthai aswell! The little shop is in the English market, it’s called peacock and ruby and its beyond beautiful in there!x

      • Louise (@Lollylu95) says:

        Oh awesome, I love Thai…I only took a quick look around on my lunch the other day so will definitely need to take a better look! Oh really, in the English Market?! I really need to pay more attention to whats in this city, thanks..can’t wait to have a look in there :) xo

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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