2012 in Highlights

d4d77f08412e11e2a8e322000a9f13d9_7With the end of 2012 drawing nearer it only made sense to recap over what has been one of the best years of my life. Lots happened-too much to pinpoint into one blog post so I wrapped up a bunch of favourite moments from my year. It’s been such a good one. I’m sad to say goodbye!

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I started the year with one of the longest running projects that honestly I didn’t expect to actually keep up, my 365! Now with three days left in 2012 I’m excited to see it finally finished.SRW2012©

Myself and Shane visited Dublin and went to the Human Body experience for Valentines day. It was very educational,  weird and awesome all at the same time.


Birthday galore..Shane turning 22, myself turning 23, Ellie turning 2 and my blog turning 4!

SRW2012© Working all Summer to pay for something I had been dreaming of owning for years, my canon 600D! This was a huge accomplishment for me.


More travels to Dublin for one of the most spontaneous nights of the year, seeing Bon Iver the day after our 3rd anniversary. Amazing concert ♥

SRW2012© onetwothree

I used my sewing machines to death this year, I crafted SO much over the year. (seriously, both machines are broken now!) Some favourites being making myself another patchwork blanket, a couple of pretty patterned dresses, experimented with making my own t-shirts and even delved into some fabric printing. *all my diys can be found here*



This was my most favourite day of Summer ever with Shane ♥ Exploring Cobhs coastline in general was another favourite.


Climbing a mountain on my own was something I’ve been meaning to do since we moved up here from the village a few years back. It was lots of fun and even though I got lost for hours I’m glad I did it!SRW2012©FUN BLUE HAIR RETURNS! The urge to dye it all blue was beyond crazy. This tied me over for the while though. As much as fun colours can be, being brunette is awesome.

Delia Cook 2011 ©

Planned my dream travelling trip to South Africa at the end of the Summer. Africa was bloody amazing I tell you. I did so much and experienced so many new things. I will one day blog about it all, I promise!


Returning for work at The Nightmare Realm this year was like returning home for us all. This year’s realm was way more crazy, way more fun and way more memories were made (not to mention friends for life!) I love this place so much.


I completed my one and only scrapbook! This one is from my travels around South Africa and Mozambique. It’s my favourite thing to re-visit when I want a little inspiration kick or just a trip down memory lane :)IMG_2116

Spending Christmas at home after so long of not actively being at home was one of the nicest things I’ve been able to do in a long time. This Christmas was the break I needed, getting to spend time with my siblings (and realise how annoying they can be!) being a lazybones in my patchwork pants and those should-really-chuck-out tshirts (no fashion sense needed here!) and seeing my bestie and bro. It’s been really good.

Other awesome things that happened; I started  my new job at Texunatech in November. These two lovelies, Amy and Katie kindly agreed to guest post on my blog whilst I was off travelling in August! I stuck to my resolution to loose weight and took up running and as some daily yoga and gymnastics stretching. We carved our first pumpkins together for Halloween and I had a really fun Halloween night with the realmies. Developed my disposable cameras from snorkelling in Mozambique. Mum’s ducks and chicken breeding experiment meant we got to watch little chicks growing up and getting all feathery! Photography projects with my brother and altering the huge majority of my wardrobe all year. Getting involved in promoting a cute little boutique on my blog, I Like It Here was another awesome first on the blog! I see Shane everyday (as I live with him!) which is something I have wanted since I moved out of College! I entered my little blog in the Cosmo Blog awards and Irish Blog Awards on a whim but was surprised to get short-listed for best craft and lifestyle blog. (only I found out three months later when all the hype had died down!)

2012 was one amazing year for me, I’ve accomplished so much and have made so many of my dreams a reality. I’ve learnt so much about myself and had really pushed my limits and left my comfort zone. With new goals and dreams planned out I’m so excited and ready for what 2013 has to offer! XO

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    • Sylviee says:

      I’m convinced anything patchwork can make anything just that extra bit cosier! Especially if a tiny girl is sitting there too :) thank you! And I hope you have a fantastic 2013 too!! Xx

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