Hello 2013

SRw2013©The first week of 2013 is over and it’s slowly slipping back to normality from a much needed Christmas break. I’m back at work, back to my 7am starts and back to not having time for anything again. And that’s only the first week!

IMG_2577So this weekends been all about relaxing and getting lazy. I know I planned to make more out of my weekend (see resolutions here!) but truthfully I’m still in that slack-mode to do nothing except enjoy not having to do anything when I have time off. So far this weekend I have finished my first book of the new year, the Alchemist. A lovely and beautifully written book about searching for your destiny and not giving up on your dreams. Pretty appropriate reading material for me I think.  IMG_2588 IMG_2592

I started a simple crochet project, filled some more pages with drawings in my moleskin and even got around to painting some sketches I started a while ago. Documentaries and re-watching favourite seasons of Dexter have been on constant in the background and list making and planning for holidays is already fully under way. 2013 will be spectacular but for now I’m more than content to just binge until it’s pay-day.

How was your first week of the new year? xo



4 thoughts on “Hello 2013

  1. Jenny says:

    I’m not back to college for another two weeks so I’m still in holiday mode, but like you said I’m enjoying not having much to do except knit. Once the new term starts I know I won’t have enough time or brain capacity left to knit anything much at all.

  2. rainbowgoat83 says:

    Well I stumbled upon your blog yesterday and I found myself reading for a good while,which means I am a good few rows behind on my ripple blanket ooopps lol. I love the way you write your clothes are awesome and the arty things you have shown are beautiful. You seem to have similar tastes/interests as me tho you can pull it off much better lol. Thanks for the interesting read looking forward to seeing more from you :-)x

    • Sylviee says:

      Hello, awe such kind words thank you so much! I’m beyond happy you enjoy my blog posts :) sorry for distracting you from your blanket lol! Thats awesome, im making a mental note to check out your blog when I’m back from work! :)Happy new year to you xx

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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