Resolutions 2013: Dentist Visits

SRW2012©Dont worry-these are animal teeth! Courtesy of my weird little brother Tiggy
In keeping with my long list of resolutions for 2013 I have decided not only will I be updating the resolutions, ticking them off and crossing them out I will also be blogging about each resolution I’ve ticked off. How boring reading back over that sentence just sounded to me, ha! Well if you’ve been following my fabric heart for a while now you will have gathered I have no problem with getting any resolution accomplished…but I’m extremely lazy when it comes to the Dentist. It’s not that I’m afraid (I actually love visiting them, the x-rays and all the treatments..not to mention the weird face I come out with after the anaesthetic!) but I am incredibly lax about it all. I put off dental visits until I am literally crying over tooth pain. (idiot girl I am!)
20130117-125215 PM.jpg
Well not any more. Now that I’m working enough to be able to pay for any needed Dental treatment (It is very expensive in Ireland) I’ve decided to grab my chance whilst I still can. Tuesday began my first visit to my new Dentist in the city and this Friday I will be starting my treatment plan to get things on the route to happy healthy teeth. It’s quite silly to be so excited to see this through but I’m just so relieved I can finally stop fretting over my teeth and FINALLY tick off that outstanding (since 2012!) bloody resolution of mine. Yay for getting things accomplished! However silly and trivial they may seem.
I think this could quite possibly be the most uninteresting post I’ve written about, ever. Ha! Sorry about that. Is it silly how happy I am with myself that I’ve finally bitten the bullet and got this started? xo

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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