DIY: Bow Necklace Tutorial

This week I’m going to show you how to make a sweet bow necklace. I’ve seen a few of these lingering around the likes of pinterest or tumblr but it was a particular pretty floral bow necklace that caught my attention (and now lives securely glued in my inspiration scrapbook) so I decided to make one myself. It can be a nice statement to a plain outfit and it can be whipped up in less than ten minutes which is always a nice bonus too! You can make them BIG or really small, whichever you fancy!

The links are just the wider ends of the necklace chain but flattened out using the pliers. Works a treat!

You can use any fabric you like, I wanted a free falling bow so I used some chiffon. If you prefer a stiffer bow you can use cotton and spray it with fabric stiffener after you have formed the bow shape.

Once you have attached the links from the chain to the bow… you’re done! It goes perfect with a sheer plain flow-y shirt. The details of the flower patterns is enough to give any plain outfit that little pop it needs. Happy crafting! XO


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