IMG_29202013©SRWIt’s been a well awaited weekend, not for any particular reason other than having two glorious days off work! Sleeping in past 7am.. taking time to eat a thought-out breakfast, not something just thrown together and rushing out the door with, getting to wear my new favourite ox-blood cardigan I recently bought in the last of the sales (and my only chance of shopping the sales..real life means no time for anything!) along with my trusty fluffy blue house boots. Its been a good day, I have cleaned, made banana bread, caught up on season two of American Horror Story and got some work done to my newest scrapbook that I’ll be sharing with you in my next post!


The jacket was another treat to myself before my dentist appointment last night. I’ve been meaning to get myself a little black faux leather jacket for a while now. It was a case of not being sure if I wanted real leather or fake.. and then finding the right type of jacket etc so eventually it just led me to forget about wanting one and not bothering to search for one and surely enough it found me as I was wasting time wandering the shops last night. It wasn’t on sale but I figured what the hell, I’ve wanted it since mum gave me my brown faux jacket last year for my birthday (which started my love for the look of these jackets). The teal dress is something else I spotted a few weeks ago but ran away as soon as I saw the price, it was reasonable but not for my pocket. The tight arse I am thought if I really wanted it I would buy the fabric and make my own…which would be okay if I didn’t have my job taking up all my time. So again I forgot about it and then saw it for less than half price in the last of Primarks sales, woo! It makes me feel like a Daphne from Scooby-doo or Florence Welch. Both of whom are awesome. It feels really nice one too, the flow-y arms are what made me need to have it.
I seem to have returned to my teenage days as Avril Lavigne’s ‘Tomorrow’ has been stuck in my head all day.. What?! Along with Tori Amos, so it can’t be all that bad. I’m excited to share my new scrapbook with you all tomorrow..it involves spilling a little secret I’ve been keeping quiet for a while :) Bye! xo


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