London: Journalling

IMG_2906The title kind of gives away the little secret I was keeping from the internet world but hey who cares, you know now! Next Thursday myself and Shane are taking a little holiday away together to go spend some time in London with some close friends and dear family and essentially get to be a London tourist again as it’s Shane’s first real time in London (it’s been years since he was last there and 2yrs since I last returned to the motherland..) not to mention it’s our first proper holiday away together, which will be exciting! I can’t wait to return and see my lovely family and friends again. London will be lots of fun as it always is. We’re hoping to visit the Natural History and Seaworld again as I heard their Shark walk has expanded and it’s getting lots of good reviews.. Eek! Apart from that the rest is left unplanned, the main goal is to have a good time together and make it a really great long weekend with everyone we spend time with.


So in keeping with my Travel journals I started on my last trip to South Africa I made another Scrapbook to document our time away together. I used lots of recycled materials again for this one and have kept it down to the rustic look with the cardboard and union flag really scratchy and faded. With my last travel journal I basically made it colourful but left the majority of it blank to fill for when I was there, painting some pages or leaving little doodles on each page. It’s what I’ve done for my London travel journal. The first page when you open is my favourite so far (obviously as everything else is either blank or has paint splats!) I really hope to fill this up with all sorts of things, beermats, ticket stubbs, mementos and anything else that will stick in even in the short amount of time we’re over. I’m still yet to show my SA journal so no doubt the finished version of my London journal will be something to see in the far future.


I should really get started on scanning my other scrapbooks so I can show them all in one spot rather than just little snippets here and there.. Another thing to add to the list! XO

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