Project 365: My biggest project of 2012

365 (3)Last year I completed one of the biggest Art projects of my entire life to date, the Project 365. I began one back in ’11 and soon gave up, I don’t think  I even made it past day two simply because I started in a haste with an idea that I wanted to create something big and awesome that would take lots of time and I didn’t really put enough thought into what it was that I wanted to base my 365 Project on. Being a past Art student I decided the obvious option would be to draw something every day for the year. In reality I hate being forced or feeling forced to draw, it has to flow for me and however dorky that sounds it’s true. If I don’t feel like drawing but have too it’s nine times out of ten going to be shit. Anyway, I gave up and that was that. So when the time came for a new year to begin the project 365 crept back into my thoughts, I don’t like giving up with things so naturally it had been bugging me that I did previously so I sat down and started to have a think about what I was sure I would want to do everyday for the next three hundred and sixty six (leap-year!) days.

365 (28)

I didn’t want it to be the basic photo a day on a certain subject but involving photography was a definite yes. Being the creative bean I sometimes am, I wanted it to be something I could get into each day and watch it (and myself) develop over the next year through creating something I love. I found an old photo that I had scratched some personal thoughts onto previously and then hidden in my bookshelf to find years later. The words were now irrelevant but the idea screamed PROJECT at me and that’s how the story of my idea behind the 365 came about.


Each day I would scratch in words or images of something from that day, be it a memory of something nice that happened or thoughts and feelings, quotes that had reference to what happened that day or just little drawings over the photograph. I continued to do this for the rest of the year and although I do plan to one day showcase the entire project in it’s entirety, I know it won’t be soon as I haven’t even decided whether I want to frame it or stick them into one of those awesome 365 books. I’ve taken a few shots of my favourite days whilst I was flicking through them on the last day of last year, it’s amazing how I can flick onto a random day and instantly remember that day and what I was doing or feeling from that day.

365 (61)

I’m so happy (and even a little sad) to have it finally finished. That project shadowed my every move throughout 2012. It documents some of my best moments in that year and some in my entire life, 2012 was one of the most amazing years in my life so documenting those important parts into my 365 project was something I’m really happy for and glad I got the chance to do. Naturally there were days where I forgot to do it or let a week build up, when I was travelling was particularly awkward. I would keep postcards or wrappers that would fit the size of the photographs already used and try document it all that way. It was hard but I eventually got it all done. The hardest part was when I wasn’t sure had I numbered them correctly. A few times I had to go through the entire year with a calender just to make sure the dates matched the numbers.. hectic!


So it’s done! I will admit at the beginning of this year after I had finished I found myself looking at postcards or thing that size of postcards that would be a good page in my 365 project, it eventually got used to remembering I don’t have to do it any more and for a while I even wanted to start another one. I didn’t in case you’re wondering! I don’t think I could top my previous and trying to out do it would make the project too fake and forced. So here it is! Some parts any way, I hope you like it and enjoyed reading a bit about the story behind my project. One day I hope to be able to show it online but it’s such a mammoth task right now I’m happy to just share the favourites…which will be sooon! Too many photos for one blog post haha. xo


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