Little Giraffe

IMG_35001So we’ve been back from our little break in London for about a week and we are now both back to normality, work is taking up all of our time and I seem to have lost all energy or inspiration for things that are not work or sleep related. My first weekend off at home and I did plan to do things but I’ve found myself floating around doing nothing of importance. How depressing, I’m sorry. London was really awesome, I have a few blog posts written and ready to go about our time there I just need to add some photos and they’ll get posted.

January came and went and now we are in February. My favourite month to spell. I completed 6 things off my resolutions list last month, horray! I don’t really have any plans for February just a few mini goals I’ve set for myself like keep being awesome at my job and save up more money for future travel plans that we have. In other news I cut my hair today and starting putting my London journal together. I collected up a bunch of things from our visit and have a few sketchy and painty plans for the journal. Things I want to work on from now on is my time keeping. I don’t seem to have enough time for much of anything else besides work and the usual day to day shit. I miss being crafty, I’m really sorry I haven’t been doing much of my diys here on MFH. I do have ideas and have planned to start them but like everything I couldn’t ‘find’ the time. I want this to change. I think what I’m trying to say is life has been super busy again which is why my blogging has sucked lately. You guys forgive me right? :) Tomorrow I’m off for a mini adventure avec ma famille which will involve beaches and picnic food. Mum’s baked chocolate chip cupcakes so already I’m interested haha. Bye! xo


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