Resolutions 2013: Visit the UK again


At the end of last month Shane and I took a little break and went to London to see the sights, my family and friends over there. It was Shane and I’s first holiday away together so we were quite excited (see excited faces below!) You might have seen a few peeks from my new London Journal I made before for the trip over to document everything. Well that’s still in process but the holiday is long gone! I’m only getting around to blogging about it now because my life is really busy all the time. Because our work schedules we went for a long weekend, leaving Thursday night and coming home Monday night.

IMG_3514Super excited faces and an interesting flight over to London made this photo one of our favourites from the collection, how ever silly we both look! Below, my dad and Shane toasting in my old home town high street. Piglet my dad’s fluffy little cat (who’s almost older than myself!)

IMG_3383 IMG_2984

We managed to squeeze a hell of a lot in such a short space and managed to spent lots of time with some of my most favourite people in the world. We visited my dad who then Shane met for the first time and went for lunch and dinner with my lovely aunts, uncles and cousins during our weekend visit. I finally got to meet some little cousins of mine who I had never met as the last time I was in England they weren’t even born! So meeting them was so wonderful, my little cousins Hendry and Albie (the cutie-pie pictured directly below) are such a pair of cuties. Possibly even the cutest kiddies I’ve ever come across and Hendry’s so smart and funny!

IMG_3387 Fuse IMG_3403

Look at Hendrys cheeky little face! He was so sweet. IMG_3497

As well as Shane meeting my family he also finally meet my best friend Montana! Which was really awesome as I have wanted them both to meet for the last three years! I tell you there was a serious amount of quality time happening with my bestie, we met up every chance we could as she’s leaving the country for a year (or two’s) worth of globe-trotting in a few months. We’re already planning a return so I can get some more BFF time in with her before she flies away on the journey of a lifetime! It was a really good weekend and we both had lots of fun, so looking forward to returning though as five days really isn’t long enough when it comes to family and friends!

IMG_3493 - CopyBelow, more sillyness from yours truly. We had a few minutes spare before going to lunch with Montana so naturally we spent it in the most mature of ways like adults would. Roundy mirrors are fun and make you look ten times sillier than normal. London and everyone I love over there, I miss you! XO



I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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