Cakes and kittens

IMG_3526I believe treating one self when one is sick is an absolute must. I’ve been ill with the flu for longer than I expected now, I’m getting well and truly fed up with it too. Good moments and bad moments are not something I want to judge the rest of my day by. I spotted these little bath cakes down at my (now) local chemist whilst I was getting my anti-inflam tablets. At the time I was craving cake so they instantly went into my basket. They look so cute and smell even better. That purple one with stars is Juicy fruit and the pink lavender one is a ‘bedtime’ one. I’m yet to try them so for now they’ve been little eye pleasers.

Lately I’ve been slowly collecting up some wardrobe essentials, mainly gearing up towards summer. Long flared jeans (because lets be honest, we won’t be having a bare legged Summer) cream crochet cardigans that sway as you walk and the odd kitty Cat moon top I just had to have which have all been the newest members to my tiny corner of Shane’s wardrobe. I’m still yet to blog about Camden and my fashion finds from there but that’s for another day, for now.. CATS! This top is so soft and obviously awesome. I’m not even going to lie I’ve already done that face by lifting the cats face up to my own and pretending like it would be an awesome picture.

IMG_3535I can’t wait for it to be Summer time and my hair to grow even just a little bit longer. I miss having long hazy days and real time off to relax and make all the things my mind has been craving lately. I’m dying to get crafty. I can’t believe it’s come to that point in my life where I actually have to schedule my crafty times for far away and ofcourse around my work schedule. Oh life. Summer will have me whizzing up a storm on my hopefully then fixed sewing machine. I have a list of things I want to make (and a bunch of diys for MFH!) I miss it a little too much. Until then it’s back to the day dreams and note making. Happy weekend! XO




I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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