Resolutions 2013: Visit a walk through Aquarium

Obviously we were the tourist types for our day trip around London a few weeks ago, seeing the London Eye and playing spot the landmark.. We spent half our day in London oogling the amazing fishies at London’s Sealife Aquarium. I hadn’t been there since my Primary School days so it was like seeing everything with fresh eyes. I was a bit disappointed with the Ocean tunnel, I always remembered it being longer (I was smaller back then so maybe that was it!).

The animals were mesmerising, I was transfixed by the huge jellyfish tanks. They were so beautiful and elegant slowly slinking around in their tanks with their colourful bodies changing against the lights (I have some really trippy jelly fish videos too!). We also went in this hurricane simulator tunnel for a bit, it was strange having everyone watch us get our faces blown off but it was fun, really cold and SO WINDY! again, I took another video of that moment which is fun to watch as my hair is literally all over the place.


As timing goes I think we chose it perfectly to visit the Sharks, we got up there just in time to see them feed which was really interesting, totally not something you see in the likes of big shark documentaries as these gentle giants didn’t seem too bothered by the dinner that was on offer, carefully circling the dead fish before having a chomp off it. Hearing everyone egging on the Sand Tiger Shark as he went for the bait was funny, lots of kiddies shouting oooh’s and ahhh’s.

I was so blown away by the sharks, seeing them in such a huge cluster was one of the best sights in the entire Aquarium. The Shark tank is really big which covered a few floors with higher windows to look in through and even had a cage like viewing area to get a sense of how it would feel to be inside a cage staring out at these giants. There was 16 different type of Shark there and I think it was clear that every bodies favourite was the Sand Tiger Sharks, with teeth so large they can’t close their mouths so they swam around with big toothy grins making them seem just a little bit sinister!

Some of my favourite moments from the Aquarium were seeing the awesome jellyfish, the Shark walk and Ocean tunnel were brilliant, the graceful manta rays and the giant turtles were amazing and clearly the king of the tanks. I finally got to touch a live jellyfish which is something I was dying to do back when I was in Africa (yay!). The Piranha swarming in their clusters, seeing poison dart frogs in real life and realising just how tiny they really are..The aquarium was a delight both for us and my inner shutterbug, so many different colours and shapes, smells and sounds and beautiful mind blowing animals. If you live or will be near London at any stage I would definitely go if you haven’t already.


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